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    Mac M.

    I love the gum. I use it out on the course to calm the nerves. I have definitely noticed a difference. Also, great for plane rides if that gets you a bit anxious.

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    Love to use the gum before my BeachBody workout! Helps to keep me focused and also tastes great 👍

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    Great for golf (and hangovers)

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Flavor : Mint
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  • 10mg CBD isolate per gum tablet
  • 8 gum tablets per package
  • Mint Flavoring
  • Sugar Free

Suggested Use:  Chew 1 CannaPeake Balanced gum tablet prior to or during light to moderate activities. Use for 10-15 minutes then discard. Assess your tolerance and chew a 2nd gum tablet if needed. Ideal for yoga, hiking, golf, or anytime.