CBD Sport Supplements to Change Your Fitness Life, Forever

CBD Sport Supplements to Change Your Fitness Life, Forever.


It’s been a decades-long search to find the right balance between pushing my body to its limits, and recovering for the next days’ workouts.  With CannaPeake CBD fitness products, I found what I was looking for.  When you exert high intensity energy and muscle movements, while also combining everyday life stresses – your body can easily get overworked.  This can actually yield negative results, since your sleep, eating habits, and overall performance can be jeopardized by not finding the correct balance between energy excursion, and proper recovery. 

A lot of active, fit individuals, especially those in the age range of 30-40 years old, expect their bodies to recover like they’re still 18.  Only to find themselves sore, tired, and unmotivated the following morning after a hard workout.  This is where CannaPeake CBD products come into play.  Combining CBD *with* your pre and post workout supplements allows your body to use the muscle building, energy-boosting ingredients we all know, (i.e. creatine, caffeine, whey protein, etc.) in harmony with high quality CBD.  CBD by itself is a wise choice to help muscle repair and recovery, but it is more beneficial to combine them in one product, allowing the bodies receptors to build muscle and recover faster. 

There are three main reasons that I believe people look to buy CBD;

Pain management

Stress/anxiety reduction

Sleep issues

The good news is that all of the above can be helped by using CannaPeake CBD products.

Pain management is something that every athlete or active weekend warrior knows at least a little something about.  Our CBD Performance Protein helps muscles recover and rejuvenate, allowing for optimal growth.  Not only this, but the CBD acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, which is crucial when you continue physical activities as you age.

Recovering at 30 years old is not the same as recovering when you are 20 years old – which, in turn, is not the same as recovering when you are 50 or 60 years old – but CBD can help at any age.  As anyone ages, the muscle tissues in your body break down faster, build back up slower, and get inflamed much more easily.  Combining 30mg of CBD with 100% whey protein gives your muscles a recovery like never before.

Take it from many former Division 1 and professional athletes that have tried our CBD protein – it’s a fitness supplement, recovery agent, and muscle aide, all in one.  As the human body ages, you can guess these trends continue to get worse.  This is what led to the innovation for each product at CannaPeake.

Our CBD Pre-workout booster provides you with a clean, natural energy that will leave you feeling driven and focused – with no crash afterwards.  Not to mention, the 30mg of CBD’s will help soothe your muscles during and after your workout, rather than succumbing to tears and inflammation with no protection whatsoever.

Stress and anxiety are far too common in today’s world – and almost come as a ‘rite of passage’ when entering adulthood. Luckily, CannaPeake is here to help with our CBD Performance Protein, CBD Balanced Gum, and CBD Pre-workout Powder.  We’ve described above about the benefits your muscles and body can receive by using our CBD products, but what about the mind?

The mind is the most important aspect of life – which obviously includes fitness, recovery, and overall performance.  Stresses and anxiety hinder muscle growth, body transformations, and overall well-being, more than anything.  You can exhaust your body with daily workouts, but if you allow your stress receptors take control over your mind and body – you won’t be maximizing all of your physical efforts.

CannaPeake’s CBD Performance Protein helps to calm your mind and relax your body so that stress and anxiety do not creep in.  Allowing your mind to rest and reset is just as equally important as letting your body do the same.  CBD is a natural anti-anxiety remedy that has been used for decades upon decades.  Combining 30mg of CBD in our preworkout, with the 30mg of CBD in our protein will give your mind and body a calm, stress-reducing recuperation.

Additionally, CannaPeake offers a game-changing CBD gum, which is called ‘Balanced CBD Gum’.  Like all of our CBD products, our Balanced Gum is made using the highest quality CBD, grown and harvested in the USA.  We third party test each product to ensure the quality and taste exceeds anything on the market today.  This product also acts as an anti-inflammatory, anxiety reducing aide so that you can give your mind and body a calm-focus to reset, refocus and retool your life.  With 10mg of CBD per piece, CannaPeake’s Balanced Gum is ideal for almost any situation – be it hiking, golfing, yoga, or just lounging.

A good night’s sleep is vital to maximizing your body’s well-being and increasing any of your fitness goals.  This is the time where your mind and body truly recovers, rejuvenates, and grows.  There are a million different reasons why people have a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep, and getting the most out of this crucial rest period.  Hence, why most people turn to CBD to help them do just this – sleep better.

All of the products formulated by CannaPeake are designed with maximizing recovery and rejuvenation.  For example, our CBD pre-workout booster can be taken at 8pm at night – and you will still be able to fall asleep by 10pm (try doing that with a regular pre-workout on the market today!).  The 30mg of CBD are still in full effect long after the natural energizing boosters have worn off from a tough workout.  What you are left with is a calm, relaxed body and mind, rather than a jumbled, busy mind that is still processing loads of caffeine and artificial energy boosters.

CannaPeake’s CBD Performance Whey Protein only adds to this calming, relaxed sensation with an additional 30mg of CBD.  You’ll gain 22mg of 100% Whey protein per scoop, so your muscles will grow, and 30mg of the highest quality CBD so your mind and body can relax and rejuvenate.

Not only am I a founder of CannaPeake, but I am also an active user of each product.  As a former athlete, there are three things I am extremely familiar with; pushing my body to its physical limits, managing physical fitness pain, and the importance of recovery.  In the past, I have had torn tendons, terrible inflammation, muscle pulls – you name it.  The same old recover process was used each time, ice baths, heat/compression, and rest. While using CBD in my fitness supplements, it has decreased my injury rate, even as I age!

Truly, I have never experienced prolonged fitness gains, day after day, where I wasn’t waking up in pain or soreness.  I am not saying that this is a “cure-all”, but the anti-inflammatory, muscle rejuvenation remedies that CannaPeake CBD supplements provide truly work wonders.

Each day after taking these products, you will feel that much better, that much more energized.  Your body will start to recognize the daily anti-inflammatory, and will start to positively respond.  The daily dosage of creatine (from the preworkout) and whey protein (from the post workout protein) will grow your muscles in conjunction with repairing worn down muscle tissues and fibers from your workouts.  Of course, combining all of that with the daily dosage of CBD will change your body for the better, and prolong your active, fit years.

As I look to the future of athletics, I can see a world where more and more people are turning to CBD’s to help them on and off the field, court, gym, course – you name it.  We are just tapping into the potential of the cannabis plant, and what CBD can do for your mind and body.  Soon, I plan on adding to CannaPeake’s CBD line with muscle creams, balms, and essential sports supplements that will allow athletes and avid fitness goers alike to recover faster, grow stronger, and lead overall healthier lives.  Visit www.CannaPeakeFit.com to try all of our products, and learn and more information regarding CBD, fitness, and how we can help you change your fitness lifestyle for the better, forever.

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