Let’s find out why you need to incorporate CBD into your fitness regimen

Everybody has a different workout routine, so let’s go through ours!


Whether you are lifting weights, running, biking, or swimming, a pre-workout powder is a great way to get that extra boost to enhance your workout.  If you’ve used a pre-workout powder, you probably know the feeling of caffeine, vitamin B12, and other energy boosting ingredients hitting at the same time – some refer to this as the “jitters”, and it can cause your mind to race. The last thing you want when working out is to get distracted or anxious, thus taking you away from the task at hand.  The best thing you can do for your fitness gains is to tap into what we like to call the “mind-to-muscle connection”.  This happens when you are fully focused and committed during your fitness activity, engaging each muscle group as they work in harmony with your mind to achieve maximum results. 

Young woman exercising at the gym after using CannaPeake preworkout

Regular Pre-workouts have only come so far and the advancements continually claim to give you more energy, more “pump”, and more muscle-head related benefits that not everyone necessarily wants – or more so needs. To bridge the gap with what fitness enthusiast want and need, Cannapeake has formulated a revolutionary CBD Pre-workout Powder.  Adding the highest quality CBD to our award-winning pre-workout helps calm our minds during intense workouts.  We used natural vitamins and energy boosters to work in harmony with your body, eliminating the jitters or racing thoughts that other stimulant-heavy pre-workout powders have.  Our CBD Pre-workout is designed to prolong a feeling of what we describe as “clean” energy.  The harder you work, the harder the vitamins, natural CBD, and other energy boosters, work for you. 

To learn more about why the mind-to-muscle connection is such a large part of not only fitness, but a healthy lifestyle in general, check out our blog post.  At CannaPeake, we are a group of former professional and amateur athletes that have been incorporating CBD with our workouts for years. Yet we had always found a gap between CBD and Pre-workouts.  Most of the pre-workouts we were using weren’t as healthy as we thought, and the CBD we were taking beforehand didn’t work in conjunction with all of the stimulants and artificial supplements.    So, we set ourselves on a path to finding the proper marriage between CBD and Pre-workouts.  What we came up with is something that every fitness enthusiast, whether beginner or advanced, can benefit from using. CannaPeake’s CBD Pre-workout speaks for itself from the first minutes you start using it.  We believe you can find the same benefits we experience each and every time we use it.  We challenge you to take this revolutionary CBD Pre-workout, live healthier, happier, and forever change the way you workout!

Here at CannaPeake, we LOVE to exercise.

We have successfully been incorporating CBD into our workouts for years – which led us to make our own fitness products!

Young sportswoman on yoga mat doing situps in gym

Post-workout: When we finish up a workout it takes time to decompress and recover. Sweaty, worn out, with the heart still pumping – but we’re feeling good and accomplished! Now it’s time to shower and relax. We treat ourselves to some enhanced relaxation with CannaPeake Performance Protein Powder. We added CBD to our protein powder to bring our recovery, rejuvenation, and relaxation to the next level! Our high-quality CBD is combined with 100% Whey protein to help your muscles will get the nutrients they need to restore and grow. Stay tuned to our blog to find tasty protein shake recipes featuring CannaPeake Performance Protein Powder.

Mind/Body Balance: Sometimes we aren’t pushing our muscles to the limits, but rather our minds. We still would like to experience the mind and body benefits of CBD. Whether we are on the golf course, playing tennis, practicing yoga, or playing a game of pickup basketball, CannaPeake Balanced CBD Gum helps us bring our focus in line. We can bring our CBD gum anywhere and easily chew a piece to get the benefits of CBD on the go. Try our CannaPeake CBD Products and experience your enhanced workouts today!


Young sportswoman on yoga mat doing situps in gym