CBD for the athlete in you
Supporting and promoting health, wellness,
and fitness through CBD products.


 CannaPeake started in 2019 as a CBD and fitness company. Prior to starting we were already utilizing CBD gummies and oils with our favorite pre and post workout supplements.

Whether it was taking a CBD gummy before a long run or mixing CBD oil with our pre-workout, the solution was right in front of us. Thus, we created products specifically designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

We have successfully been incorporating CBD into our workouts for years – which led us to make our own fitness products!

Morning shot of a girl in lotus position doing stretching yoga exercises on the pier

We are a group of athletes, fitness junkies and entrepreneurs. Our focus is to provide the highest quality CBD products to help athletes with their fitness goals. We want to show the world the effect CBD and the cannabis plant has on exercise, health, wellness and fitness. We will diligently find, innovate, and fine tune CBD products to create the perfect marriage between the cannabis plant and fitness supplements