5 Reasons Why CBD Fitness Supplements Can Push Your Gains Further

Why CBD and Fitness?

As CBD becomes ever increasingly more popular, we breakdown the benefits and reasons why you should switch your current fitness supplements to CBD fitness supplements.  To gain control over your health and fitness, you need to demonstrate a discipline that starts with mental fortitude.  This mental strength can lead you to new fitness and health gains you have yet to reach.  Mind to muscle connection is an extremely important aspect of exercising and living a healthier lifestyle.  CBD can certainly provide a helping hand with this.  CBD Pre-workouts and CBD Protein powders for after training sessions can help you gain a clarity and focus that will lead to more receptive muscle gains and recovery.  Below we will go over 5 reasons why you should switch today – or start today – by empowering your mind and body with CBD fitness supplements.


  • CBD Assists With Pain and Inflammation
  • CBD may Help You Get Better Sleep
  • CBD may Help With Anxiety and Lack of Focus
  • CBD can Improve Your Energy
  • CBD Fitness Supplements Are Much Less Artificial

CBD Assists With Pain and Inflammation

One of the biggest hurdles when continually trying to improve on your fitness and body is pains and inflammation.  Muscle pain and swelling are all too common the day after a hard workout – especially as the body ages.  Luckily, CBD Pre-workout Powders exist and are an amazing training aide.  Not only do they give you a much needed boost of natural, sustained energy throughout your workout, but they are packed with 30mg of high quality CBD in each serving.  The CBD regulates any pain and inflammation in your body by engaging with cannabiod receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system.  Treating both nocieptive and neuropathic pain, the CBD allows the body to naturally reduce or avoid inflammation and the pain caused by it.  This will leave you feeling better and stronger the day after a hard workout, leading you to get after it again and improve your fitness even more.

Young woman exercising with a fitness ball at the gym
Young sportswoman on yoga mat doing sit-ups in gym

CBD may Help You Get Better Sleep

Any fitness enthusiast will tell you about the vital importance of sleep and rest.  When you workout, your muscle fibers are broken down, body exhausted, and mind worn thin.  When you allow your body to rest and sleep well, the muscles are repaired better, and your mind is strengthened.  Numerous studies have shown that CBD may help you get proper sleep and improve the way your body relaxes and recovers.  CBD releases a relaxing effect on the central nervous system – which is what leads to the better sleep that night.  So how can you workout and receive CBD at the same time…isn’t that counterintuitive?  Well, thankfully, CannaPeake CBD Fitness Products have solved this by formulating a CBD Pre-workout powder that allows the CBD to be slowly released into your body’s system – as opposed to tinctures or droplets which are rapid released.  In addition to CannaPeake’s CBD Pre workout, thier CBD Protein Powder should be taken after your workouts to ensure proper nutrition, muscle growth, and diet – as well as obtaining 30mg more CBD to relax your mind and body leading to the perfect sleep.

CBD can Improve Your Energy

Obviously, one of the most important parts of your [fitness] life is high energy.  While a CBD Pre Workout can give you natural energy boosters like doses of Vitamin B12, Caffeine, and Beta-Alanine, the real natural booster is from high quality CBD.  When you give your body a consistent dose of CBD, it allows the human endocannabinoid system to interact with cannabinoid receptors and maintain a natural energy balance.  The result of these constant interactions with more and more cannabinoid receptors is an improved energy balance, less ailments, and better immunity.  Consistency is key with CBD; just like dieting or exercising.  You drop 10lbs by eating one salad, and you won’t notice your muscles growing by lifting weights once.  Energy, mindfulness, and improved health from CBD comes with consistent use and application.  Since CannaPeake uses the highest quality CBD in conjunction with their fitness supplements, it makes it a lot easier to stay consistent and on track.

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CBD may Help With Anxiety and Lack of Focus

A big component to a great workout is the mind-muscle connection.  To understand and focus on each muscle being used, on every rep, in each exercise, allows you to target and manipulate your body to encourage new growth.  A cluttered mind cannot help you do this – and that is where CBD comes into play.  By taking CBD before your workout, you can calm your mind and induce clarity and focus.  CBD has been studied and tested more and more over the years, and a lot of that is specifically related to CBD and anxiety.  Moreover, the golfing world has been sent into a frenzy of questions regarding what type gum or what type of CBD Gum Tiger Woods was chewing during his 2019 Masters victory.  It would only make sense that golfers would chew CBD Gum while playing due to all the mental stress and anxiety that comes along with a round of golf.  CBD can help calm nerves, quiet your mind, and help you make the most out of any physical activity by allowing you to focus and hone in on the task at hand.

CBD Fitness Supplements Are Much Less Artificial

Animal Pump, Super Pump 250, Jacked 3D, the list goes on regarding pre workout powders that have a long list of artificial – and some even dangerous – substances.  CBD is a natural remedy for these that, when combined with other natural vitamins and boosters, can be much more beneficial and healthy than typical fitness alternatives.  So many people choose the biggest branded supplements without properly doing research about what exactly they are putting into their bodies.  CannaPeake’s CBD Pre Workout has all of its ingredients 3rd party tested for quality control, made in the USA, non-GMO verified, and of course full of natural vitamins and nutrients that work with what your body already produces.  I advise anyone to check the labels of each supplement they buy – CBD or not – and learn about anything in the supplement that you don’t know.  CBD stores are now very prevalent throughout the web and products are popping up in Pharmacy’s and Sporting Goods Stores across the country.  Quality is everything when it comes to any supplement, so be sure to learn about the company that sells it, and about where the ingredients come from.  Most CBD companies in the United States pride themselves on sourcing their hemp from farms in the US and staying true to the natural and organic values that hemp is made with.

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Closing Remarks

As we can’t speak for all CBD fitness supplements, we can say that each fitness supplement from CannaPeake – CBD Pre-workout, CBD Protein, and CBD Gum – are all sourced and formulated right in the U.S and made with one main thing in mind; Bettering fitness lives through healthy, natural, and transparent CBD supplements. Try them for yourself at www.CannaPeakeFit.com.

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